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You have 1 month of trial period for each new developer in the team. If reality doesn't meet expectations, we don't charge you.
This is a part of Satisfaction guarantee. Don't pay for developer if you're not satisfied.
  • Historically, Ukraine can boast of great technical education and a vast number of Universities training students to become skilled programmers
  • Ukrainian IT companies have been in the outsourcing business for quite a long time. This means there are a significant number of experienced experts who have participated in large and complex projects
  • A high level of English and a work culture similar to the Western one make it possible to overcome communication barriers between the remote dedicated team and the core team
  • It is worth mentioning that Ukraine has a rather advanced IT market and developers have been involved in solid international projects, so you should not expect them to be extremely low-cost.But if you compare the quality and speed of work with the anticipated cost - it's easy to see that it is a really cost-effective solution
Currently more than 100,000 IT professionals are working in more than 3,000 IT companies in Ukraine. This total encompasses developers, QAs and testers, designers, project and product managers, business analysts and other representatives of the IT industry. About half of these experts are developers, which gives us 50,000 to 55,000 experts making up the developers’ community in Ukraine, which, like in any country, has its own unique face.
Both options are possible. Having whole team work in one place (office) is simplier from comunication perspective, but it normally takes more time to onboard such team, since all developers should live in one town.
Ukrainian citizens can stay in Switzerland up to 3 monthes in half a year without visas, which is obviously enought for running some introductional and onboarding meetings onsite or, so called, "Zero" sprint. Longer stay requires work permit.
The vast majority of technical experts live in Kiev, as it is the capital – the biggest city with all the attractive features, like the highest salaries and the largest number and variety of software engineering jobs. The second largest center is Kharkiv, and this should come as no surprise considering the number of educational establishments and the long history of engineering science and high-tech manufacturing in this city. Amongst the cities with the largest number of developers and other IT experts are Lviv, then Dnipro and Odessa. Vinnytsia is sixth in the list of cities where a large pool of IT talents reside and work.
We have several steps in our recruitment process:
  • Step 1: Introduction interview (around 20-30 minutes): check personality, understand motivation, understand technical background
  • Step 2: Logical and language level test
  • Step 3: Technical assignment: candidate has several days to implement required business domain and upload it on Github. We evaluatee: functional and technical requirements are followed; architecture - scalability, testability; code style - cleanness and clarity
  • Step 4: Technical interview: (around 60-90 minutes) discuss technicall assignment; technical questions; pair programming
  • Step 5: Interview with customer: at this step we pass candidate to you. You can participate on any steps, of course.
It depends on team size and requirements. As a rule - up to 1 month.
From the first day of agreement you'll have dedicated team manager. He is resposible for all team related questions and builds additional bridge between you and your team.
We have one week notice. Just let your team manager know.
Send email request to team manager dedicated to you.
We provide service which allows to invite professionals to consult on specific topics like blockchain, machine lerning, IoT, cloud stack etc.
Good, thank you! Where will we drink some coffee?